Why another? There’s adminfiles and filebrowser already.

Why software is created in the first place? Because there is somebody who is not satisfied with already existing solutions. I’m one of those people and I think that I can do better.

Why use BFM?

  1. You hate Flash, love HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and have modern browser.
  2. You want simple and fast interface for managing your files online.
  3. You couldn’t even make another two work. BFM is simple to setup.

Why you would not want to use BFM yet?

  1. You need to support IE, which is actually not even a browser.
  2. You want a mature project.
  3. If you want integrate it with TinyMCE or something of the like, you shouldn’t think about BFM.

Support tables, dependencies


Version, required to have full functionality of BFM. Some parts of BFM may still work with older browsers, but advanced functionality, like file uploading won’t.

Browser Version
Chrome/Chromium 7 +
Firefox 5 +
Opera 12.0 + *
IE 10 + *
Safari 5.0 +

* XHR2, which is used internally to upload files and report upload status, is not supported by stable versions of these browsers.


BFM was only tested on Python 2.6 and Python 2.7, so it is safe to assume, that dependencies are as follows:

  • Python: 2.6 or 2.7,
  • Django: 1.3 or 1.4